The Digital Transformation Library

The ultimate library of digital assets to get your deliverables done ✅

Being a digital professional is tough ! Whether you’re a Digital Director, head of eCommerce, Project Owner or SEO manager, it’s highly likely that you’re busy working on key deliverables for your team and projects. But guess what, such assets already exists. With the Digital Transformation Library, you have access to bite-sized digital assets to make better deliverables, faster than ever !


Do not reinvent the wheel

You need to craft your eCommerce strategy powerpoint for yesterday ? You have a deliverable to finish by next week ?

High chances are that such deliverable has already been done in the past. Do not start from scratch but reuse our assets and template to get the job done faster.

WHo can use the library ?

Built for all digital professionnals

From strategy to operations, the digital library is your go to resource for all your daily digital projects

CDOs, Directors, Heads of digital

Download and reuse our PPT presentations for your strategy deck and presentations for the steering committee

PMs, POs, Managers

Our assets and documentations will save you precious in your daily project tasks.

Digital specialists…

Use our decks to level up your presentations and improve how you communicate within your organization.

It’s not just templates adn design
You’ll get valuable digital transformation related content

Do not you loose precious time thinking about things that have already been done by others in the past.
Download and reuse our assets to fasten your deliverables and get job done faster.

Digital methodologies

Wondering where to start and how to organize your digital projects? Be sur ewe have proven methodologies you can reuse

Best practices

Do not have the required expertise within your team? Use our best practices and playbooks to bridge your skills gap.

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All the receipes and guides you need to structure your daily work and projects.


Too busy to watch the competition in your industry or compare solutions for your next projects ? We do it for you !