Target Operating Model (TOM)


Running a digital team implies to define an implement the ways of working, that is to say an operating model, in line with you context, challenges and ambitions.

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What is a Target Operating Model ?

Reading Wikipedia, an Operating Model is both an abstract and visual representation (model) of how an organization delivers value to its customers or beneficiaries as well as how an organization actually runs itself. In other words, this is how you run your daily activities. By nature, digital is a transversal activities which involves Marketing, IT, manufacturing, supply, legal, Communications etc. The way your digital teams operates is critical in your digital transformation journey. A target operating model (TOM) is the ability to design your future operating model.

You’ll be interested by this Target Operating Model Framework if

  • You are running a digital transformation program within your organization
  • You currently have a digital team in place but doesn’t fully deliver as expected
  • Your current digital team operates in silo
  • You are in the process of redesigning your digital organization to better serve your objectives

What you’ll get

  • A zip file containing a presentation (PDF + PPTx) of 3 slides presenting a TOM framework including
  • How the TOM fits into your digital transforamtion journey
  • Key challenges in defining a TOM
  • The 6 components of a TOM
  • A list of criteria (excel format) to assess each of the 6 components of the framework

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Can I reuse this document within my organization ?

Yes. This benchmark document is made to save you time for your commercial proposition, project scoping and steering; you can use these slides for your internal and external presentation


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Target Operating Model (TOM)